Dance Film, 25 min. DV, color, stereo, 2005


Dance film featuring eight men: dancers, actors and acrobats. Directed and choreographed by Estelle Clareton.

NOTE: Marie Brodeur was director of photography and consultant to the director-choreographer on this film.

With Louis-Martin Charest, Frédéric Desager, Patrice Dubois, Stéphane Gentilini, Guillaume Girard, Sylvain Lafortune, Alexis Lefebvre, Lino, Éric Paulhus, Mario Radacovsky, David Rancourt, Éric Robidoux, Dave St-Pierre
Director & Choreographer Estelle Clareton
DOP,Camera&Consultant Marie Brodeur
Scenography & Paintings Lino Artist
Music Maryse Poulin
Costumes Carole Eveno
Lighting Éric Champoux
Tech. Direction Catherine Lafrenière
Production Asst. Jean Laurence Thériault
Production Création Caféine ©2005