The Company

La Compagnie de la Marie offers its services in producing or directing audiovisual works. La Compagnie encourages creative and innovative visual treatments that sustain significant subject matter. Through its films, La Compagnie celebrates the importance of Art and of any other form of creative and intelligent expression.

MARIE BRODEUR Director, screenwriter, producer

Marie Brodeur studied in visual arts, dance, theater and video arts. She obtains a Very High Distinction diploma in visual arts from the prestigious Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in Montreal after which, she then studies with a number of renowned visual and theatrical artists such as Irene Whittome, Gilles Maheu, Linda Rabbin, Jean Asselin, Merce Cunningham Martine Époque and Jean-Pierre Perrault.
Following a brilliant 10-year dance career in modern ballet in Canada, the United States and Europe, Marie Brodeur takes on a new career in 1985 as a documentary filmmaker, specializing mostly in art and dance. She is honored with two UNESCO prizes, recognizing her films for their exceptional contribution to the conservation of our world cultural heritage. Other than her directing work, Marie also takes part in several consulting committees for the National Film Board of Canada, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Conseil des Arts et des letters du Québec, the Pépinières européennes in Europe as well as being on the Board of Directors for PRIM, an artist’s center and for the Rendez-vous du Cinéma québécois in Montreal. Many of her films are now part of the permanent collections of esteemed institutions such as the Lincoln Centre Performing Arts Library in New York, La Cinémathèque de Paris and the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art.

ARRQ, SACD, SARTEC and WGA member, Marie creates LA COMPAGNIE DE LA MARIE in 1990.

See Marie Brodeur CV.

ALAIN THÉRIAULT Producer, music composer

Born in Chicoutimi, Alain Thériault is trained in the performing arts and is a post-graduate in piano and guitar. In 1974, he begins his career as teacher, arranger and copyist then later moves on to perform as musician and orchestra leader.

Alain also explores the film world and works with many producers and directors for over 30 years and has worked also at the National Film Board of Canada.  In time, Alain will occupy several positions in production such as director, first assistant, production manager, line producer, soundman, camera assistant and production assistant. All the while composing music scores for several films of La Compagnie de la Marie and of other production companies.

Alain Thériault is Vice-President for LA COMPAGNIE DE LA MARIE since its’ foundation and President of TAP Film Inc.