A Man of Dance


Documentary, 83 min. HD, 2016
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From his début at the Old Metropolitan Opera and all throughout his career, Vincent Warren established a reputation as a formidable dancer, historian and curator. From Stravinsky to Norman McLaren passing through Judson Church and Les Grands Ballets Canadiens, he has, to a certain extent, lived through great social and artistic trends. His is a tale worth telling, the story of an extraordinary man and the road he travelled, recounted in a documentary that by extension will celebrate important and compelling moments of our recent past.

With Vincent Warren
Participants Annette Av Paul, Arnab Bandyopadhyay, Anik Bissonnette, Peter Boneham, Jean-Sébastien Couture, Paul-André Fortier, Linde Howe-Beck, Chris Huizinga, Véronique Landory, Marie-Josée Lecours, Brian Macdonald, Mamata Niyogi-Nakra, Gaëtan Patenaude, Aileen Pasloff et Jeanne Renaud.
Written & directed Marie Brodeur
Camera Sylvestre Guidi, Marie Brodeur
Editing Michel Giroux
Original Music Score Thomas Alain Thériault
Sound Louis Léger, Alain Thériault, Jean Laurence Thériault
Sound Editing Catherine Van Der Donckt
On Line Editing Denis Pilon (ACIC)
Sound Mix Bruno Bélanger (PRIM)
Producers Alain Thériault, Marie Brodeur
Executive Producer TAP Film Inc.
Production La Compagnie de la Marie ©2016
Distribution Spira

2016 Award for Best Canadian Film, International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA)