K.-O. Boxing in 5 Rounds


Documentary series, 46 min. X 5, Digital Betacam, color, stereo, 2003


Boxing is the oldest sport in the world. Often condemned for its violence, boxing confronts and disturbs us in that it reveals our most hidden impulse: to eliminate the adversary. A 5 part documentary series shot in Québec, K-O Boxing in 5 Rounds, explores in deft this sport also know as «The Noble Art».

Writer and Director Marie Brodeur
Research and journalist Yvan Toutant
Narration Deano Clavet, Manuel Tadros
Director of Photography Sylvestre Guidi, Marc Warden, Patrice Puiberneau
Original Music Score Thomas Alain Thériault © Les Éditions Médiane (SOCAN)
Editing Michel Giroux
Sound André Boisvert, Sebastian Fell, Patrick Tronchon
Sound Editing Mathieu Gariépy Sound track Yannick Lemieux
Post production Vivalogik inc.
Executive Producer Jean-Pierre Morin Producer Luc Harvey
Financial Participation Canal D (Astral Media), FCT-PDD, Crédit d'impôt provincial, Fonds Harold Greenberg, Crédit d'impôt fé dé ral, FCT-PPC
Production Vivadoc inc. © 2003