Dance for your life


Documentary, 52 min. Betacam digital, color, stereo, 2001


To dance. Does it fill an empty space? Does it stifle a scream? It is the life of shooting stars, seen in slow motion.
- Rainer-Maria Rilke, 1925

A realistic view on the art of dance: the extreme beauty and dedication that bring joy, and pain. For the dancer, there is never any  ‘in-between’.

With Anik Bissonnette, Estelle Clareton, Michael Cole, Natacha Engel, Margie Gillis, Sylvain Lafortune, Saravanan Sudararajan, Vincent Warren, Olivier Wecxsteen
Writer & director Marie Brodeur
Director of Photography Sylvestre Guidi
Original music score Alain Thériault © 2001 Les Editions Médiane (SOCAN)
Editor Michel Giroux
Sound Mario Auclair
Computer animation Michael Cole
Production VIVADOC INC.© 2001 With Télé-Québec