Dance of the warrior


Documentary, 52 min. Beta Cam digital, color, stereo, 2000


“This Warrior's Dance builds my strength and my courage, to make my heart stronger, so that I can face what I am afraid of, so that I can dance my past, so that I can face my future, so that I can face myself. And I have learnt to walk with myself. I have learned to dream, to breathe, to be alive, to be free. And this is what Sonkgwaiatison, the Creator, has given me.”
– Flint Eagle, Mohawk Nation

Panorama of warrior dances from various times and cultures.

Featuring Sid'Ali Hams, street artist - painter
Director, screenwriter Marie Brodeur
Director of Photography Sylvestre Guidi
Original Music Score Dominic Vallée
Editor Michel Giroux
Production National Film Board of Canada © 2000
Narration Manuel Tadros

2002 Special Jury UNESCO Grand Prize. Prix int'l Vidéo Danse, Paris