A Bird in his Pocket


Documentary, 24min. Betacam, color, stereo, 1998


An intimate look at the work of Trinidad author Neil Bissoondath.

With Neil Bissondath, Kamla Thewari
Writer & Director Marie Brodeur
Director of Photography Rénald Bellemare
Original Music Score Thomas Alain Thériault, © Les Éditions Médiane 1998 (SOCAN)
Sound Track Thomas Alain Thériault
Voice of RAJ RAMSIGH Philip Szporer
Voice of KAMLA TEWARI Marie-Claire Girard
Sound Thomas Alain Thériault
Translator Marie-Claire Girard
Editing Marc-André Perrault
Sound Editing & Mix Marc-André Perrault
Producer Vic Pelletier Productions ©1998