Aanchal, unveiling the veil


Documentary, HD, 70 min. color, stereo – In development


AANCHAL. Definition: the end piece of the sari, traditional Indian dress; a meter long piece of cloth that hangs freely on the back of a woman. The aanchal usually has a more elaborate design than the sari itself. Also called pallu or palav. Also means: shelter.

Feature length documentary on the veil. The concept of the film is to explore, through dance, such as Bharata Natyam, an Indian classical dance, the meaning of the veil in different cultures and religions.

Director & Script Marie Brodeur © La Co. de la Marie Inc.
Choreography Dre Mamata Nyogi-Nakra
Production La Compagnie de la Marie Inc.
Financial participation Kala Bharati Foundation, PRIM

2010 PRIM, Aide à la création - for documentary
2009 Kala Bharati Foundation, Montréal - «Québec-India Exchange 2009»